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09 March 2008 @ 12:43 am
Prep/Preview post: 5 Times Kim JaeJoong met Nishikido Ryo and 1 time Ryo went looking for Jae  
Because I don't want to do more math...

Here's the bare-bones overview/prep/preview of a fic I'm going to post later this week.

Started writing a completely random Kim JaeJoong x Nishikido Ryo fic on a whim after Jae said on some interview that he likes the Kansai dialect. The celeb I associate MOST strongly with Kansai-ben = Ryo-chan. Surprising pairing for me to write since my fandom OTPs are JaeHo and RyoPi...but ahh wells, slash is good in all forms? lol.

Crack pairing but the story's pretty serious. It starts off light-hearted and then goes off into teeny weeny glimpses of JaeRyo interactions that mostly wrote themselves. Also, alot of member ai amongst DBSK and Eito. No News member ai strangely although there's quite a bit of RyoPi friendship...and there's smidgens of Pin! It's about 5000+ words long...so yeah abit longer then your average 5 Times drabble-story.

Also, this is my first time trying out the 5 Times format and I sort of failed at following the format. But oh well*shrugs*

I got stuck at Ryo ditching Tacchon to fly to Korea cus he misses Jae and suddenly realises just HOW much feeling he has for this stranger who's stole his heart. It's pretty OOC. I can't see Ryo flying to Korea on a whim like that. But then again, he's given alot of indications that he's a pretty romantic/idealistic guy.

I can see Jae and Ryo getting along real well actually. They both have pretty "cold" images but they're so soft-hearted/warm underneath. And they're both sorta "bad" boys. I can totally see Jae intimidating Ryo because Jae's both taller and more muscular and Jae being totally unimpressed at Ryo's snark (after all ChangMin's so much snarkier and meaner xD;;) and "meanness".

I can also see Ryo being drawn to Jae. He seems to have a complex for pretty/adorable younger guys who can sing their pants off and act slutty (re: see RyoTego and RyoUchi interactions). The fact that Jae's not so "innocent" as the other two and that he probably can out-drink and probably does out-smoke Ryo...is not really a plus but it makes their dynamic interesting...

That said, I also wanted an excuse to write a DBSK x JE fic...for the fun of it.

Reminds me of that Pi x Jui fic that malyntine and I started last year. and the Kurosagi x L fic that I plotted out after watching the L movie.
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